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[HG/SS] Trainer Dialogue Help


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Hi There

I've been working on a ROM hack for HeartGold, and so far everything's going very well, except for one last piece that's stumping me. I'm adding some trainers into Victory Road, and I've used a combination of SDSME and DSPRE to do so successfully. The trainers move and fight all correctly, the last part is the issue: Adding their dialogue.

I can tell that all the dialogue is stored in text archive 728, so I'm sure I have to add it in there,, I'm just not sure how to link the text and the trainer. For example, Bug Catcher Wade is trainer #4, and his three lines of dialogue are lines 655, 656, and 657 in the aforementioned archive.  Bug catcher Don's dialogue is just before on lines 652, 653., and 654, but he's trainer index #249, so it's clearly not dependant upon solely trainer ID.

I found this thread: 


I don't really understand how the calculated reference points to the dialogue. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Can anyone help me out here?

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