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Added Fairy type to HG/SS, but now Nidorans don't have genders

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Hey all, I used MeroMero's method of expanding the type chart


But ever since, wild Nidoran (male and female), dont have genders. Nidorino/Nidoking/Nidorina/Nidoqueen seem to be unaffected and still have proper genders. I used an editing tool to make sure they're still at the right ratios according to an unedited game(100% for nidoran-male, 99.822% nidoran-female). I can't seem to find a solution.. I tried changing the gender ratios to other values, but still nothing works. For example, if I catch a wild Nidoran-M that is genderless, it is still genderless after I catch it. 

I've loaded up a different save where I already had a nidoking that was male and went into a battle and everything was fine. It seems like only wild pokemon are affected. 

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