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how to change the super rod script for b/w

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I'm hacking black and white and want the super rod to be given to you by the mum like the bicycle in blaze black and volt white. I'm guessing that I'd have to change the location of the super rod script from when looker gives it to you to when the mum is giving you the xtransceiver  but I don't know which script is the rod script, would I be able to get some help.

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If you use NPRE 1226 / SDSME, and then open a Blaze Black rom - locate the correct Script file where the Mom gives the Bicycle (the narc for Scripts in BW is a057)

Then locate the same script where Looker gives you the Super Rod. You can then find out what the hex value is for the two items.

A quick link to the BW item lists with Hex codes is here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(Generation_V)

From the list, the hex values for the items are:

Super Rod: 01BF
Xtransceiver: 026D / 0272
Bicycle: 01C2

If you can locate these using a Hex editor (Such as HxD), replace the values and then reinsert this script file into your Narc and then into your ROM

Sadly Gen 5 Rom hacking involves alot of Hex editing compared to Gen 4 which has muh more support and tools right now.

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I seem to have run into a problem, after extracting the script narc file with NitroExplorer2b and opening it with HxD I can find the xtransceiver hex num but I cant find the super rod hex num(they're in the same script location which is 780) am I doing something wrong or am I not understanding your instructions correctly?.

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