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BW2: PWT Champions Stats? (EV spread)

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I've been wanting to know the answer to this since these games released. Because they're quite old I can't find the Battle Subway/PWT viewer that was around years ago, though it appears somebody did list the Champion's stats once but as you'd expect, the link has expired, error etc

I tried having a look in the data but I just can't really make out what I'm looking at, I'm not experienced enough.

I was most interested in the EV spread for Alder and Cynthia.  The devs seem to have gone all out on the stats for the Champions tournament at the PWT.

Another way around this, if it saves everyone's time, would be a cheat applicable through Action Replay, that allows you to use items in the PWT. That way I could just catch the trainer Pokemon and have a look for myself, if it would work.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.


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Yeah that seems to be the only way to figure out the stats I've only been able to figure out natures and some of the pokemons ev spreads through doing calcs and mirror matches to see if I out speed or not getting a actionreplay to catch them so I can truly see the stats 

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