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[REQUEST] Help in Port/Update of some Gen6 Codes


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I recently decided to play the gen6 games on citra, instaled the last update on both, but found out these codes dont work at all in there
If any of you guys are able to update/port or help do that would be great x.x

[100% Catch rate] -> Need to Update it to V1.4, probably a base game code, didnt work at all on V1.4
DD000000 00000044
B81FB510 00000000
DC000000 000000B2
20000000 00000001
D3000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000

[Access the PC from anywhere v1.4[Press L?] -> Didnt work at all
D3000000 00000000
003D8748 E3A00014
DD000000 00000200
003D8748 E3A00004
D0000000 00000000

[Instant eggs from daycare] -> Port that same code for XY V1.5(Find a similar code for XY but still have to press 1 Button)
28C6E928 000000FF

[Hold L to view IVs & Hold R to view EVs on Pokemon Status Screen v1.5] -> If possible I need to port that same code to ORAS V1.4(Cant find that code even for the base game)
00153184 E92D4070
00153230 E92D4070
004A23E4 E92D4070
004A2430 E92D4070
004A25E4 E92D4070
004A2630 E92D4070
004A2398 E92D4070
DD000000 00000200
00153184 EA0060EC
00153230 EA0060C1
004A23E4 EAF2C304
004A2430 EAF2C2FE
004A25E4 EAF2C2B4
004A2630 EAF2C2AE
004A2398 EAF2C30A
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000100
00153184 EA0060E1
00153230 EA0060B6
004A23E4 EAF2C2E1
004A2430 EAF2C2D9
004A25E4 EAF2C29E
004A2630 EAF2C296
004A2398 EAF2C2E9
D0000000 00000000

[Access the PC from anywhere v1.5] - Press L? -> Didnt work at all
D3000000 00000000
003BBFA8 E3A00018
DD000000 00000200
003BBFA8 E3A00004
D0000000 00000000

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