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Mega Man Battle Network and coding...

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Kinda hard to tell where to post things not related to Pokemon around here, but here goes...

I've recently gotten into prying into the code of the Mega Man Battle Network series, with my current aim to make some AR codes and maybe eventually moving onto actual modding. However I've come across a rather interesting problem while doing so - in my current hunt for a specific offset, it has been impossible to find in Battle Network 1 (and it's remake Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star), but in every other game has been relatively easy to find with the right knowledge.

So to those of you coding veterans out there, is it common for first entries in series to be rather janky and hard to work with and subsequent entries become easier (like Gen 1 compared to Gen 2), or does it just depend on the games in question?

Also if anyone out there actually knows their way around the code of old Battle Network games, any insight on BN1's clunky code would be appreciated (particularly in regards to the offset that controls the reward obtained from battle).

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