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Saving a png as 8bpp?


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I am trying to edit a file within a narc but I keep getting the error "Png has to be 8bpp indexed!". If I extract one of the existing files I can put it in just fine but if I open it in gimp or paint and make 0 changes and save it, it suddenly is invalid. Please help. I am going crazy this is the last frame I need for my sprite mod.

Also I have tried importing the png using tinke on 8bpps and exporting it, that didn't work.

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Dear god that was awful I tried so many many things... Google was absolutely no help. If anyone else has this issue I hope you find this post.

1. Change the file extension of the png to bmp

2. Open it in paint

3. Edit it as you like using only the color palette

4. Save it as a bmp with 256 color

5. Change the file extension of the bmp to png

6. Voila now kill me.


In regards to making the hidden sprite go away just make the 8bbp image all the first color in the palette this will set the entire image as transparent. Under the image is the inital sprites of the animation so I have no idea why the hidden sprite is there in the first place. Hope this helped someone.

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