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mystery event [GEN III] e-Writer: An e-Reader based .ek3 injector

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An e-Reader based .ek3 injector for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Replaces the first Pokemon in your party with a user-generated .ek3.


Generate a .ek3 file using PKHeX, rename it to "input.ek3", and run "inject.py".

This will generate "card.z80", which can then be built into a functioning dotcode.

The included "input.ek3" will inject the following Pokemon:

    METAGROSS (shiny)
    lvl 100
    no item
    meteor mash/earthquake/rock slide/explosion
    all 32 ribbons


How to build

    Download nedcmake from caitsith2.com E-Reader Development Tools

To run in an emulator: generate RAW:

        nedcmake.exe -i card.z80 -o us -type 1 -region 1 -raw

To run on real hardware: generate BMP:

        nedcmake.exe -i card.z80 -o us -type 1 -region 1 -bmp


Video of the program in action


If your .ek3 does not work, email it to me at "revvy@revvy.xyz". Currently, I have only had issues with Space Center Deoxys. Doel Deoxys, however, appears to work just fine. Nevermind I think I fixed it. Feel free to email me if you encounter any bugs, though.

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