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I need a Latias thats legit(tradeable on the GTS)

i tried using pokesav and using the legit check and it sai wasn't legit

Edit: forgot to put, can it be in a .pkm file Please? Thanks

Pokemon Species: Latais

Held Item: None

Level: 50-60

Ability: Any

Nickname (If wanted):

Trainer ID (If specific):

Secret ID (If specific):

Shiny (Yes or No): No.

Egg (Yes or No): No.

Nature: Any

Pokérus Status: NO

Pokéball Captured In: Ultra Ball

EV Stats: Any as long as Legit

IV Stats: Any as long as Legit

Ribbons (If any):

Location/Date Met: Doesn't matter

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

Friend Code (If Trading):

Moves: Any as long as Legit.

PP: Default

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