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Switch homebrew for beginners

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Hey there! Just bought a switch 2 months ago and I've been really wanting to jailbreak my own for the sake of PkHex. Are there any tips (what to do first, steps, methods, etc...) for beginners? 

Thank you so much. I just wanna bore my time here while my country is in a total lockdown. Hahaha. Thank you :D 



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Make sure you'r switch isn't patched before going through this and downloading the files, if you bought it new 2 months ago it's almost indefinite it's patched.

There are plenty of guides online in forums and on youtube, but here's some tips I think some of them leave out. Never boot to emu on Wi-Fi, and never pirate games.

Also if it is unpatched and you don't have an rcm jig my best bet would be the aluminum foil jig to put the switch into rcm mode

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