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[Request] looking for Zamazenta with Rusted Shield as held item

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 Pokemon Species: Zamazenta 


Held Item: Rusted Shield


Level: Any


Ability: Dauntless Shield


Nickname (If wanted):  Zamazenta 


Trainer ID (If specific): Any


Secret ID (If specific): Any


Shiny (Yes or No): No


Egg (Yes or No): No


Nature:  preferably Adamant


Pokérus Status: None


Pokéball Captured In: Any


EV Stats: Any



IV Stats: preferably (Best) stats judged by the pokemon IV checker 


Ribbons (If any): Any


Location/Date Met: Any


Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):


Friend Code (If Trading): SW-3877-6623-9392

Wi-Fi trade please, thank you in advance. 

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