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[Explorers of Sky] Re-implementing the "Change Leader" menu option

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Hey guys!

I'm putting together a little personal project for myself and my girlfriend. We really want to play PMD: Explorers of Sky together, and I've already made some edits to my ROM.

The main thing though is that we want to take turns, alternating every three floors. I would really like to re-impliment the "Change Leader" function that was in the previous games, where you can take control of another party member *in* the dungeons without needing Chimeco. I found a European Action Replay code that apparently does this, however my copy is USA so I cannot test or use this.

Not only would this make it possible for us to play as our own characters (she's the main character, and I'm the partner), but this feature is really helpful in retrieving items submerged in water with a water-type Pokemon, and getting at those pesky Ghost types sitting on the wall where you can't hit them. In the bigger picture with the community in mind, I feel like if there is a part of the ROM that can be hacked to re-implement this feature, many of us would like to use it.


Thanks in advance!



P.S.: If you are playing on a European copy and would like the AR code I mentioned above, it can be found here under section 5.7.10:

gamefaqs (dot) gamespot (dot) com (slash) ds (slash) 955859-pokemon-mystery-dungeon-explorers-of-sky (slash) faqs (slash) 76795

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