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[LGPE] I'm looking for Mew, Counterattack Mewtwo and Shiny Event Pikachu

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Hi, is there anyone who wants to trade a Mew, the Japanese Mewtwo event or the Shiny Pikachu event?


I'm looking for:

  • the special Mew from the Pokeball Plus
  • the Counterattack Mewtwo distributed with the tickets for "Mewtwo's Counterattack Evolution" in Japan
  • and the Bullseye event Shiny Pikachu (I'm looking for a male one and a female one both in ENG language)


The only things I can offer are:

  • [on Let's Go] a Shiny Meltan, a Shiny Adamant Charizard, and probably some other shinyes (but I have to double check)
  • [on 6/7gen games] a lot of events personally redeemed by me

Let me know if anyone is interested :D


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