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I'm THETomdabomb, and I am new to these forums. I love Pokemon, and always have (except for a brief stint in my early teen years). I have done tons of LPs/Nuzlockes on my own, just playing for fun, including the Drayano hacks and a lot in between.


I have started a youtube channel dedicated to Pokemon Nuzlockes. This includes Drayano hacks, fanmade games, randomizers, etc. I have completed a Storm Silver Nuzlocke, and have just started two brand-new projects: Gaia and Renegade Platinum. I love making videos and work very hard on the layouts on GIMP as well as the editing process. Y'all should come check it out! (Link below)


I look forward to getting to know the people of this forum! I'll attach the links to my Storm Silver playlist as it's the only one I've completed so far, but I am extremely dedicated to this and look forward the future.



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