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Pokemon Colosseum/Gen 3 Ability Help

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My friends and I want to play some link battles on Pokemon Colosseum using our Emerald teams but we've run into a problem where the games take far too long due to having to watch the animations for Leftovers and Sandstorm on every turn. We've agreed not to use Leftovers to speed things up but my friend and I both have Tyranitar on our teams, meaning that it's impossible for us to skip the Sandstorm animation. I originally planned to use PkHeX to swap Tyranitar's ability for something that isn't Sandstorm but I read that it is impossible to give Pokemon illegal abilities in Gen 3 due to the games' data structure. I have hex edited a Pokemon Colosseum ISO before so I figured there would be a way to access the data table for abilities in the ISO and hex edit it in order to give Tyranitar another ability. I made some progress as a result of this very helpful thread https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/rom/stars-pok%C3%A9mon-colosseum-and-xd-hacking-tutorial/part-1-file-decompression-and-recompression-r5/ but I am not technically proficient enough to know whether or not my idea is possible or how I would go about changing the ability values in a hex editor if it is. Does anyone have experience with this issue or have any guidance on whether or not its possible?
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