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[Tutorial] How to set up OBS to shiny hunt

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1. Install OBS. (Duh)

2. On the "Scenes" Tab, press +. It comes up with something like:



Press "Ok". If you want to rename it, go ahead.

3. In this picture, I have my OBS set up for streaming and recording, with a target shiny pokemon. (OH IS THAT FORESHADOWING)



From here, where going step by step for each source.

(PREPARE) 4. If your going to be streaming, don't forget to get your stream key on twitch.

From twitch, go to:


Look at the bottom of the side menu

Under "Settings" in that side menu, click "Channel"

Click "Copy" to the right of "Primary Stream Key", and there. Past that into the stream section in settings in OBS, now you can stream


5.1: Alert Box

Go to this site, and click copy on the right of the widget URL.

On OBS, click + on sources, and that leads you this menu:



Click Browser, then Ok. If you want to rename your source, go ahead but we're going to be sticking to my name, alert box. On "URL" to the right paste your alert box widget URL.

Back on Stream Labs, click "Test Follower" with OBS open. If you get a pop up in the alert box window on OBS, (it's boarder is red) then you did you 

5,2: Go to the same site as alert box, and do the same steps except for go to "Chat" instead.

5.3 (URGENT) Image is the Trevantent shiny gif.

To get it, go to this site and press control + f on windows, and command + f on apple. Search your pokemon and it takes you to a site with the pokemon in a gif. Right click on the center of the pokemon gif, and you can rename it.

In OBS, open the source addition sign, and click image. Throw your .gif file into the image search thing, once you open it up.

5.4 is text.

Pretty self explanatory. Just click Text (GDI+) on the addition, and you can edit the text.

5.5: Woo last step. This one is also pretty self explanatory. Its my 3DS recording. This can be capture card footage, CFW that allows you to record, anything.

For this, go on game capture. Select the one with your 3DS recording software, and wait a sec. Set

6 Configure that way you want it, and boom!

Hope this helps someone out there, and I hope that you enjoyed the absolute monstrosity of my spelling, and I am gone now bye.

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