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Pokémon Calcite

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A new world filled with never-before-seen Pokémon!
What are the true motives of Team Crusade? What is the secret of the Legendary Pokémon? Adventure across the Albion region and discover all-new Pokémon!


The game starts in Golden Hope Town in the player's room on their 11th birthday with Matthew and Rebecca, childhood friends. They journey to Professor Aspen to get their first Pokémon. After the selection, Rebecca will request a battle. When the battle is over, the room becomes cluttered due to the battle. Matthew heals both the player's and Rebecca's Pokémon, and begins a battle with the player as well. If the player loses to Matthew, he will gloat about his victory.

The player visits Rebecca's house, where she and her father are having an argument about her going on a Pokémon journey. Rebecca storms out of the house, and the player follows her to Professor Aspen's lab, where Matthew has been waiting. In the lab, Professor Juniper will give the player a chance to nickname the selected starter Pokémon, and give each of the three a Pokédex. Upon leaving the lab, they will be greeted by the player's mother, who will hand everyone a Town Map.

From then on, the player will set off on adventures through the Albion region. Along the way, the player, Matthew, and Rebecca will battle eight Gym Leaders, while trying to complete the Pokédex. After managing to obtain all eight Badges, the player will head to the Pokémon League to battle the Elite Four and the Champion. Matthew decides to pursue strength and Rebecca realizes that she cannot match the skills of the player or Matthew.

However, the adventure does not go as smoothly as expected, as the evil Team Crusade will be encountered along the way to the Pokémon League. Team Crusade's goal is to build an army in defence of a prophecy of a foreseen war that will destroy the land.


Calcite returns features present in previous generations, such as day, time, Abilities and the split between Physical and Special moves and the Battle Frontier. Certain ones, however, such as Pokémon following their Trainers and the original Pokémon, have been left out.
Pokémon names are no longer displayed in all capital letters, following the trend set in Generation IV of no longer displaying the names of characters, items and locations in all capital letters.
Calcite will feature it's own set of Pokémon in place of the original Pokémon, new set of characters as well as it's own story and lore independent of the main series games.


Pokémon Calcite brings back the traditional eight Gyms. They are Norman (Normal), Khan (Fighting), Malan (Flying), Isaac (Electric), Harrison (Steel), Altea (Psychic), Durham (Dark), and Arther (Dragon).

Elite Four and Champion

After battling all four, a path to the Champion is unlocked. The Elite Four members are Rowling (Fairy), Daley (Water), Beattie (Ghost), and Attenborough (Ground). After defeating the Elite Four, the player will face Champion Elizabeth.

New Pokémon

Calcite bring a total of 152 new Pokémon. While some new Pokémon may have similarities to previously introduced Pokémon, none of the new Pokémon are related by evolution to any of the introduced previously. No original Pokémon make an appearance in the game however, they are referenced by the games NPCs.



2-D Art Director
Position Open

Program Director
Position Open

Planning Director
Position Open

Position Open

Position Open

Pokémon Character Design
Position Open

2-D Graphics
Position Open

Concept Illustration
Position Open

Pokémon Concept & Pokédex Text
Position Open

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