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Scaling Stats

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I wrote a Python script that does the following (I have it working for HGSS and USUM at the moment):

  1. Pokemon that can evolve twice more have their BST scaled to 300
  2. Pokemon that can evolve once more have their BST scaled to 400
  3. Fully Evolved and non-Legendary Pokemon that do not evolve have their BST scaled to 600
    1. Shedinja is instead scaled to 400, holding its HP at 1.
    2. Slakoth and Slaking have their ability changed to Comatose in Gen VII, and Unaware in Gen IV
    3. Regigigas is scaled down to 600 and Slow Start is replaced by Sheer Force
    4. Scyther and Porygon2 are scaled to 600
    5. Wishiwashi's base Forme is left alone, and the School Forme is scaled to 700 (the previous BST of 625 doesn't much impress otherwise)
  4. Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts with BST less than 600 are scale to 600.
  5. Mega Evolutions, except for Mewtwo's and Rayquaza's, are scaled to have a BST of 700 (holding the HP base stat to be the same as the scaled HP of the base form).


I'm almost halfway through a test playthrough of HG using this, and it's a blast - every fully evolved Pokemon is both viable and a real threat - even overleveled by a few levels, many battles are relatively challenging.


Also, because Rattata, Sentret, and Hoothoot get scaled up to 400, they're actually kind of threatening when I first started out!


the edits can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8je9um5dsec32x/info for 600 balancer.xlsx?dl=0


Please let me know of any suggestions or errors.

If there's interest, I'll post patches.

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Mind if I ask what do you mean by BST? It's because I haven't seen that term before...


BTW, I'd really like the patch (Because most Pokemon games are too easy for me).



Also, I know a bit of Python, but I had no idea that it is capable of low level operation (Hex, Bytecode, etc), So, I really wanna know how you did this...



Sorry for being impatient, but I'm dying to have this patch, please excuse my impatience.


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BST is Base Stat Total - it's the sum of the base stats.

It was pretty straightforward - I used the standard tools to decompress the ROM, took the specific hex file  with that data in it as input, and pointed it at the appropriate offset.

Under the current forum rules, I can't post a link to the modified file, which would be a lot more efficient, unless you're using flashcart or an emulator...

The patch generator of pk3ds - I need to find a tutorial, I can't seem to figure out how to work it...

I think I'm just going to compile my python script and upload it and a readme.

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