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Max IV for Italian Platinum?


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Hi guys! I'm Bledan, new here (and probably this is not the section for introducing myself) and hope I'll enjoy this forum!

I'll start by asking if there's a way to convert the Max IV code for Platinum (U) to Platinum (IT), or at least helping me understand which values I should change for making it work (by the way, US code in IT version freezes game when wild appears).

Thanks in advance :)

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I'm sorry, this is the last bump.

I've found the code. By myself.

I'll write it down for you, although I don't think it will be of much use for you

Pokèmon Platino (IT)

Max IVs

12073FE4 0000201F

12073FFA 0000201F

12074010 0000201F

12074026 0000201F

1207403C 0000201F

12074052 0000201F

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