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So I am having this trouble with my pokemon heart gold save (which i decided to replay) that does not allow me to edit it. It is pretty random because I can play the game normally and so I have done until the point where Red is beaten. But then I remembered that I could get all the mystery gift mythical pokemon if I just transferred the save file to my pc and used pkhex. I used my r4i save dongle to get my save on the computer and try to edit it, but to my surprise I could not. I also tried the TWL save tool (I think that is its name) and it the dongle works perfectly fine with my save file of pokemon white 2. I will leave my heart gold save file here.

If anyone can help with this I would be really grateful since this is pratically my last resort, until I restart the game or simply give up on it.

And btw I am new here.


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