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I already made a thread for Ahiru's Wonderland and I think たかさん deserves one as well.
He did a great job of preserving a lot of 3rd Gen Events by including them into his Tools... even including the Japanese Ruby & Sappire Eon Ticket Mystery Event which is the greatest thing about this. Because its Script is one of the most hardest to preserve... But also he preserved most of the Japanese Ticket Mystery Gifts, from the oldest Aurora Ticket to the Old Sea Map, something which I'm very grateful about. 


However, that's not all. There's something I kept as a secret for a long time. 
Some years ago when I found that website I discovered a little Tool which is actually a fully working 3rd Gen Pokemon Editor. In this Tool there are some "hidden" 3rd Gen Event Pokemon. I actually wanted to share this earlier, but after I was getting in touch with people who where in charge I was told to not do so, which I respected so I restrained from doing it until now. The reason why I decided to reveal it now is because things changed after the leaks by @Afepoke which included these Events, or at least most of them from what I remember. I can't change the fact that they're leaked now and it doesn't matters since they were public events before, but to me it's important to give the right people credit to those contributed these Events. A list can be found on the main site of the website which I linked above. Of course, it's all in Japanese. It's the first one on the page called "PARPokeEdit.exe".

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