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Pokemon Stadium 2 / Pokemon Silver Colection

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Hi everyone,

I am new here, but I have been in my free time making a full collection of Lv. 100 Pokemon from Pokemon Silver with the best stats and move sets possible.  I have then correctly connected it to a Pokemon Stadium 2 Rom, where you can use these Pokemon to face the Gym Leader Castle, Prime Cup, and so forth in R2.  Due to some pokemon move sets being difficult to acquire, (hidden power, return with bond)  ((not sure if this is hard, but I'm not good at programming)) I have made illegal move sets, but tried to keep it close to the standard as possible.  Hidden Power Bug Marowak is now seen using Megahorn.  I decided to even upgrade each pokemon to the next tier above.  Standard Alakazams in Gen2 run fire punch, so I upgraded it to have flamethrower.   Screech users now have Swords Dance and so forth.  I decided to make 2 copies of every pokemon with different moves to give variety.  I used Smogon's official recommended moveset with Gen2 and then made the second version a Gen3 modification.  (Gen 4 and on with the special and physical split make it difficult to copy)  

I was just wondering if people out there would actually be interested in containing a copy of the roms and saves if and when I complete this project or am I just a hardcore Gen2 buff and am just wasting my time.

Thanks for reading into my request everyone!


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