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diamond Pokemon Weird [Hack of Diamond]


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I have made a new thread for version 3.0 and its called Pokemon Mystical Diamond

version 0.3 in progress, the project has been revived after one year!

its gonna have over 9000 new sprites!

here's the first one to celebrate:


i might use the imagedex to add different and new pokemon sprites since there arent a lot of sprites in v 0.2 of pokemon weird. (i mean like people that are pokemon)

and Thanks a lot CodeBrain for your awesome Tutorial!


well i came accross this website and thought i'll post my hack too:

This is a project from summer 2008, i spent a lot of time on it, well here it is!

note: most of the tools that are available now, werent available back then, so i tryed my best with the tools i had back then.






official site: http://pokemonweird.blogspot.com/

Videos of game play: http://www.youtube.com/pokemonweird

The videos show how awesome this hack is.

Pokemon Weird

Hack Of: Pokemon Diamond (U)

Play as Pikachu or Pachurisu :3 in the world of talking pokemon! defeat your rival , jiggypuff, catch all the 493 pokemon without gba games and become the ultimate poke-master!

Find the legendary pokemon that hide in sinnoh and catch'em all, catch the all original pokemon weird starters later in the game, and make the ultimate team with the ultimate pokemon. The player turns into Shaymin while riding a bike, and when saving, he/she turns into a magikarp! xD

The three lake spirits aren't lame anymore:

Uxie has high defense stats

Mespirit has high speed stats

Azelf has high attack stats

And there is the SUPER DIALGA that is very strong!

SUPER DIALGA can learn any TM and has high HP and attack stats.

Catch all Regis and when you have caught all three catch the MEGA Regigas that was high Defense and high speed and he's kewler!

The Starters know false swipe for catching wild pokemon!

Giratina is much stronger!

Credit goes to TheDarkFighter92 (that's me) and marrilland's pokedex

New Features:

Arbok evolves into Seviper

New evolutions

You can catch all 493 pokemon

And much more!


Mew as turtwig

Phione as Chimchar

Special Castform as Piplup

view the complete pokedex of pokemon weird:


Easter Eggs:

Easier Lugias:

Catch castforms and level them up as they level up they will evolve to Lugia.

Unlimited evees:

Go to the lost tower to the third floor and catch as many evees as you want and power up your team

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