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SoulSilver Hex Locations?

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Hi, so I'm attempting to recreate the program shown here, but I'm unable to make any headway with it. It's an lua script that reads the data for pokemon in the party from the game's memory and creates a display widget for streaming purposes. The original author of the script never shared their script with the public, only giving the description that they "Made a lua script in the emulator I was using that read the hp from the games memory and wrote it into a json file, which I then made a html page that read the json and displayed it using CLR Browser in OBS."

Seeing as I have no prior experience using lua, it's admittedly a little stupid of me to attempt such a complicated project right from the start. However, I feel that I can figure it out for myself if I can find the hexadecimal locations for party data for HGSS. If anyone can help me find those hex numbers, it would be greatly appreciated. If I'm an idiot who's wasting my time running after red herrings, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know that too. Thank you in advance for your time.

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