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Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon


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Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon
v 0.6.1 (Very early release)
Works for both Pokemon Moon and Sun! Pokemon Sun exclusive trainers (Kiawe, etc.) are still un edited though!
Download & Information:
(Removed by moderator)
Feedback is much appreciated and NEEDED
Lets start off with some context. Currently, pk3DS allows us to edit the trainers and move sets of pokemon within Pokemon Sun and Moon. I decided to go ahead and create a challenge mode of sorts, similar to that of Pokemon Blaze Black/Volt White. Currently editing wild encounters!
  • Trial Captains and Kahunas now all have teams of 6 Pokemon.
  • Level curve greatly changed. Team should be in high 70s/low 80s by the end of the elite 4.
  • Trainers have Pokemon not usually seen in Alola.
  • Gladion is literally Owain from Fire Emblem now. (His sword hand hungers.)
  • Moveset editing has begun, Butterfree is a notable change.
  • Youngster Joey has a top percent Rattata.
  • Wild encounters up until Hau'oli City are finished!
U42cJcx.png FWhOC2l.png
IARcrst.png hzwXlBt.png IHBUAuF.png UCPDYoJ.pngcvq352D.pngHHR42RO.png
Instructions: (CFW Required for this method. See other method below if you don't have a CFW)
- Latest nightly build of luma https://astronautlevel2.github.io/Luma3DS/
- The hack's GARC files (the stuff that actually overwrites the original assets) Get it from the Google Drive link
- The code.ips file which is in the patch.zip in the Google Drive.
Running extended code with luma
- Download the luma nightly release and update ur luma (just overwrite ur old armloaderhax.bin with the new one in the download)
- Create folders called SD:\\luma\titles\0004000000175E00\
- paste code.ips
- create folder called SD:\\SaltySD\sunmoon\ and place the "a" folder from the GARCS.zip in there.
And that should be it! Easiest way to tell if the romhack is working is by checking your trainer passport. It should say: Adventure started on v0.5
This only works for Luma3DS of course, not HANS. Plus, you can combine this with other IPS patches such as Instant Text Speed, No Outlines, SciresM's QR code patch, etc.
Instructions(GARC Files/Current):
  1. First off you're gonna need a dumped copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon. You really should have done that by now btw.
  2. Download Extract Repack, Patch.zip and the GARC Files from my google drive. (Link at the top of the page.)
  3. Extract your dump's files.
  4. Download Lunar IPS Patcher (Google it)
  5. You should have a folder in Extract Repack tilted exefsdir, inside of it a .code.bin (if you don't have the exefsdir folder, you need to extract your Pokemon Sun and Moon dump!)
  6. Run Lunar IPS. Select apply patch to file. Select the code.ips patch, and then make sure you can select any file and select your .code.bin.
  7. Once its done patching, rename your .code.bin to (last 8 digits of title ID).code Make sure it becomes a .code file. The title ID should be the folder your game was dumped in.
  8. Move 00175e00.code (Different name for Sun) to SD:\Hans
  9. Create a folder on your SD card like so: SD:\\SaltySD\sunmoon\ and place the "a" and "Data" folder from the GARC files there.
  10. Launch Pokemon Sun/Moon from Hans and select custom code path
Thats it! Easiest way to tell if its working is by starting a new game or checking your Trainer Passport.
Layeredfs: (These instructions only apply if you use the Layeredfs files)
For usage, the folders are easy actually, just drag and drop both folders in the zip on the root of your sd, and for romhack usage,
Put all of the garc files ("a" folder) in the Sun or Moon folder depending on which game you have.
  • Re balance according to feedback.
  • Re balance Pokemon move sets and stats once tools are available.
  • Make all 802(?) Pokemon available through wild grass, events, and the such.
  • Finish documentation on the various changes.
  • Creators of the tools pk3DS, extract repack, etc.
  • Drayano, for being a cool guy that's better at hacking than I am
I'm a filthy sellout. Follow me on twitter to know when major updates for the romhack come out. https://twitter.com/KobeRobsahm
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Removed link to entire ROM
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