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Transferring pokemon from Gen4 rom to Gen5 rom?


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Hello, I'm new here and hope I opened this in the right section. I've been playing through FR, Platinum, and am currently finishing SS. (ALL ROMS on Desmume). I plan on getting a 3DS XL to play X/Y, ORAS, and Sun when it releases.

I'm trying to transfer my pokemon from ROMs, eventually to a X/Y Cart.

Platinum / Soulsilver ROM > Black ROM > Black 2 ROM >>Moving to 3DS>> Flashcart to Black 2 Cart

All my pokemon are legit. I understand I need a actual Gen 5 cart to transfer to anything beyond.

1. How do I transfer my P/SS ROM pokemon, to a Black ROM?

2. How would I transfer my Black ROM pokemon to a Black 2 ROM?

This is all on Desmume.

3. (not important) I've tried opening two pokegens and dragging my P poke's to SS, but when I save in Pokegen, it creates a SS.dsv.bak and a blank SS.dsv. When I remove the .bak and load it the changes aren't there.

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Download the last PKHex, then open two instances, one with your SS save, and another with your Black or Black 2 save, then just drag and drop the Pokémon from one instance to another, the software will do the trick just like you are Poke Trasfering, don't forget to save the changes.

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It worked, thanks! Is there a way in PKHeX to automatically fix PP values and things alike automatically, or do I need to do it manually in the Attacks tab for each pokemon? One of the transfers shows 30/15 PP Nightmare for example.

Can you post a screenshot? I'll open an issue in the GitHub page of PKHeX.

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Might not have permissions to post images here yet, here is a link. http://i.imgur.com/0UlGYOU.png I didn't do any fiddling in Pkhex, just dragged from one pkhex(platinum) to the other pkhex(white) > saved the pkm.> exported as main > loaded the save.

edit- I used a different method when trying to find out the issue.

Dumped boxes > converted pk4 to pk5 using pk2pk > loaded boxes.

Everything looks okay. Thanks again for the help though!

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I think pk2pk is outdated, anyway Kaphotics fix the bug in PKHeX, thanks for your report! If you want to use it, u need to compile or wait the next release.

About pk2pk I test it using for for pal park pokemons and look at hex editor comparing with legit pal parked, there are differences in the hex code, wich PKHeX doesn't have.

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