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PPRE File Size & Maps

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Hello guys,

I'm pretty new to editing ROMs. I'm playing Pokemon SoulSilver at the moment and wanted to make a few edits. Namely changing the Trade and Trade (Item) Evolutions to Level and Holding an item during day/night respectively, as well as adding unavailable Pokemon to some areas in the map.

Now I have two questions. I'm using PPRE 0.1.4 since PPRE 2 doesn't export ROM files for me and can't edit the map.

Firstly, after I changed all of the Evolutions (which was a bit cumbersome, since I had to save the Pokemon, switch to another and the back to the one I edited to be able to set the parameter for the new evolution type), I wrote a ROM and noticed that it was like 7 MB smaller than the original. I tried again setting the original ROM and created a new one without changing anything and the same happened again. I've read in another thread here that the file gets smaller because a lot of junk code is deleted. I just wanted to make sure if this is correct and if it has any effect on the game whatsoever.

My second question is about the map editing in general. When I open Route 29 for example, I see a list of 12 Pokemon for each time of the day and the corresponding levels. How are the probabilities to encounter a Pokemon calculated? Especially the 1% ones like Dunsparce in Dark Cave. When I look at Route 32 for example, I see Tentacruel thrice in the Surf section and both Tentacool and Quagsire once. However, they seem to have much higher probabilities to be encountered than Tentacruel. It confuses me a bit.

Also, how is the level of Hoenn/Sinnoh Noise Pokemon determined and where do I find the Headbutt Pokemon in each area? Or were these just not implemented?

I do understand that PPRE doesn't seem to be developed anymore and many have moved to newer generations, but I hope that someone can still help me.


At least for land Pokemon, I think I can see a pattern of 4x15%, 2x10%, 2x5%, 3%, 4%, 2% and 1% from top to bottom and the Pokemon being arranged accordingly.


Okay, I think I got the probabilities, wasn't as hard as I imagined. Surf has 60%, 30%, 5% and I guess like 3% and 2% or so, while the Rods have 35%, 30%, 20%, 10% and 5%, all from top to bottom. Not sure about that though.

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Okay, I think I got everything to work myself. At least I haven't come across any major problems, other than a few freezes here and there (which would have happened in the base game as well, I guess).

I do have one final question though. Do save games still work when you make minor edits to the ROM? Like changing some Pokemon you can encounter on a specific route.

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Save States are not ingame saves but those directly from the emulator, am I right? I don't use these, so that would be nice.

Thanks for telling me about SDSME. I tried it, the most recent version doesn't work, so I tried 1.7. Whenever I open a map in the Wild Pokemon Encounter section that has Pokemon in it, I get some errors. I can just click them away and do something, but I'd rather be careful with these things. Guess I'll stick to PPRE, but at least I know the precise probabilities now because of SDSME, so thanks. :)

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