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[REQUEST] Pal Park Action Replay Code for Platinum


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So here's the thing, in Desmume, Pal Park has an issue after a few Pal Parking.

In the title screen it says:

"This Game Card has already been stocked with six (6) migrated Pokemon. Please participate in a Catching Show at Pal Park"

Then, in-game it says:

"Oh, hold on. You don't have enough Pokemon for a Catching Show. You'll need to stock us with six (6) Pokemon to participate. You should make some Pokemon migrate from Kanto or Hoenn!"

Now I found the solution to fix it. I need an Action Replay code to add Pokemon into the Pal Park. Once I catch them, Pal Park will work again. However, I can't find such a code for Pokemon Platinum.

So I am requesting for a code that makes any 6 Pokemon for Pal Park. Even 6 Rattatas would be helpful enough.

EDIT: Actually, I have tested this in Diamond/Pearl only so I haven't actually tested this in Platinum.

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