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Action Replays and Masuda Method Question for Platinum


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First off, I have this Instant Egg Code that allows Random Nature and Gender.

921E71AC 00000E00

94000130 FEFF0000

121E71AE 00004280

121E71CA 000042A5

D2000000 00000000

Instant Random Egg (Hold R + 1 Step)

Next, this thread contains an Instant Egg Code but with set Nature and Gender:


The latter also contains a Fast Egg Hatch Code.

This question has been asked for Pokemon Black&White, several times but not for Gen 4.

Now, I want to ask if combining Fast Hatch + either one of the Instant Egg Codes would affect Masuda Method Breeding? I just want to get at least 1 Legit Masuda Method Shiny, I just don't have the time to do one the real legit way.

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