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I'm not sure what happen, simply can not access Cinnabar Island, my character freeze and I can't do anything, like access menu or something else, but is not a completly freeze because a female NPC walking in my direction like a ghost, in looping...

Is there anyway to fix my sav.? Because this sav. is the same I am using in my 3DS at Pokemon Yellow Virtual Console :(

Just reset the game don't fix, whenever way I try to access Cinnabar happens, everytime the game freeze...

If someone know what happened, please help me fix it, I'll be very grateful.

I recorded a video to show the Glitch:


Note : The only thing I did differently was to Common is use PIKASAV to Change IVs of some of My Pokémon and multiply Some Items and I make Mew Glitch in Cerulean too, just to capture Mew

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