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can you save inject/save edit in HGSS?


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A long time ago a friend let me borrow their GBA and a copy of Pokemon Emerald for two weeks I played those games for hours on end until it was time to give them back. Fast forward to the present day. My friend had moved away some time ago but we still kept in touch and recently the topic of the 3rd gen games came up after awhile he paused and said "do you still live at the same address?" I said yes and asked why he said "Nah just wondering" and then said he had to go. A week later I get an sd card in the mail with my Emerald save on it. So now I'll get to the question I own a copy of Pokemon soul silver and saw it was possible (via emulator) to transfer Pokemon from gen 3 game saves to gen 4 game saves (since i don't own a ds or ds lite) so Is there a way to dump my soul silver Cartridges save and then after transferring via the emulator inject the save back into the retail cart?

Equipment I have Soul silver cart New 3dsXL and 2ds

TL;DR I want to be able to backup my retail copy of soul silver pal park transfer from a gba save and then inject it back onto said cartridge

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