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Pokemon Fire Red Johto Beast RNG Questions

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Hello, I am interested in RNGing Raikou from my Fire Red save just for shininess (I play on VBA).

However, I don't know when exactly its PID is generated in-game.

My first question : Is it actually possible to RNG the roaming beasts (for shininess only) on FR/LG ?

And my second one : When is Raikou's PID generated in-game ?

Thank you in advance !


I conducted research on my own out of curiosity and I found out what I had been asking for. So this thread can be closed if you want.

For anybody who is interseted in this, here is what I found out :

The seed is generated when the player gives the Sapphire gem to Celio and more precisely, when the player presses "A" at the last thing he says (this moment when you have to press A to generate the seed is shown on the following photo).


In the end I managed to get a shiny Raikou... Apparently the process involves Method 1 RNG and with a bit of calibration skills and luck, it works !! To be honest, I don recommend trying this on an actual console, as Fire Red RNGing is extremely hard (the initial seed changes each time the game resets), however it is not impossible.

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