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Level 50 Zoroark at GameMania


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Not yet confirmed, but a little birdie showed me that, in the Netherlands, GameMania will be giving away a level 50 Zoroark. Not sure if it's the same as SLY Zoroark given away in the UK from November 6th to 26th, 2015 at GAME Stores.

Hope to be able to give more info soon.

Pokemon: Zoroark

Level: 50

OT: Unknown

ID: Unknown

Ability: Illusion

Nature: Unknown


Sludge Bomb

Dark Pulse


Sucker Punch

Item: Unknown

Pokeball: Unknown

Ribbon: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Dates: 11-12-2015~03-01-2015 (officially, because it wasn't available when I was there on the 11th and not yet officially announced on the 13th)

Game Distribution: X/Y/ΩR/αS

Distribution Type: NintendoZone (Local)

Distribution Location: GameMania Stores

Source: Game Mania Folder + Game Mania WebSite

Edited on 17th december 2015; reason: More info available

Edited by Imari
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