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Real DS vs Emulators


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Alright so I tried to RNG abuse a perfect shiny Platinum starter with Desmume and had successes with it.

I've memorized the required movement and I'm becoming quite good at this, I'm getting the target frame consistently.

I'm about to try this on a real DS now. I'm really good at hitting delays on my DS (1/10 chance)

so it's only a matter of time before I do it. (I already got my TID/SID now. )

So before I start, are there any significant differences between the said emulator and DS Lite that I should be aware of?

Like starting frames for the emulator, etc (I noticed the Desmume starts with frame 8 on my seed).

How good an emulator the Desmume is? Am I assured that if I do the same thing on my DS Lite I can get similar results?

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