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Amiiqo supports all existing Amiibo figurines available


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Several days before,amillbo team released their new revolutional device Amiiqo . Amiiqo brings a new way to have your Amiibo all on one device ,By using the Amiiqo software on your Android based phone or tablet allows this magical disc to back up and store data for up to 200 Amiibo figurines! Of course, you must be able to sideload the app to your device, since it's not available from the Google Play store. Your device must also be NFC compatible and the feature must be turned on. This setting is usually found under Apps > Settings > More... > NFC .It is perfect for the family that has multiple children that want to use Amiibo on games.

Offiical features

* Generally easy to use.

* Compact size allows you to carry up to 200 Amiibo figures in your shirt pocket.

* Works with any Amiibo compatible 3DS and Wii U software just like an original figure would.

* It comes preloaded with: Dark Pit, Palutena, Ganondorf, Falco, R.O.B., Link, Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi, Donkey Kong.

* Has the capacity to store up to 200 amiibo NFCs.

* Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of an app.

* Scheduled to come from Amiiqo are features such as added compatibility, cheat system, and new transfer/control methods & apps.

Source from : http://www.modchipwarehouse.com/buy-amiiqo-supporting-all-existing-amiibo-figurines-p-24.html


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