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Pokemon Egglocke/Randomizer Nuzlocke Ressurection System!

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Pokemon Egglocke/Randomizer Nuzlocke Ressurection System!

In this challenge, this will be a nuzlocke but instead of having the pokemon die forever, it has a chance to resurrect and show how powerful they are once again. Here are the rules in this of challenge.


1. You may ONLY catch 1 pokemon per route, if it dies you have no second chances.

2. If you’re pokemon “faints” it will be considered dead. Release it or put it in the PC.

3. Not a rule you don’t have to use but you have to nickname every single pokemon due to a stronger bond.


1. To resurrect a pokemon you will need the following support pokemon: Blissey, Chansey, Audino, and Wigglytuff. I chose these 4 pokemon only since they’re the nurse pokemon. You may also include pokemon who has a move that can heal other pokemon outside of battle, example Miltank who has Milk Drink. (Look at the note after rule number 3 for more details.)

2. Each pokemon can only be resurrected ONCE, and if you catch a support pokemon you may not save it. It’s either release it, use it to resurrect someone, or to use it as one of your party members.

3. Though the nuzlocke rules say you can only catch 1 pokemon per route, you’re allowed to go in the grass searching for the following 4 support pokemon just to resurrect a following member. If you encounter one and you kill it, you have NO second chances of finding the support pokemon in that route. Either way if you catch the support pokemon you still can’t catch another support pokemon in the same route.

(Note: The chances of finding the 4 support pokemon will be very hard because it’s a randomizer, I highly suggest for you too choose more than 12 pokemon as a support pokemon)

4. *OPTIONAL RULE* Once you reach your 7th badge, you may resurrect any pokemon who hasn’t been revived at least once. You MUST resurrect a pokemon instantly after you get your 7th gym badge. Otherwise you will not have that chance anymore to resurrect a pokemon.


1. Each time you catch a pokemon on each new route, you must switch that pokemon for an egg. After you hatched your pokemon, use the rare candies to level up the hatched pokemon to the level of the pokemon you switched it with.

2. You may have a FREE chance to hatch an egg just to check if you got ANY support pokemon, but you MUST release the hatched pokemon if it was not a support pokemon. In other words, you can’t keep it reserved. (Use this at your own risk!)

Please look at the “resurrection” section for more details about the rules.

Creator: YukiYukky

(Please tell me what you guys think and give me some feedback on what rules I should also add thanks! :'D)

Edited by YukiYukky

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