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Looking for constructive criticism on my Youtube video

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This is the second episode on my Liquid Crystal Nuzlocke series, you won't miss anything from episode 1 as all i do is collect my starter pokemon (cyndaquil) not to mention the quality has been much improved from the first episode. Anyway any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Watch in HD and Enjoy :)



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My ideas up to 1:17

1) try to put your webcam closer to your face. Not a must by any means, but when I see a webcam corner I associate it with being from the mid-bottom of the neck to just over the top of the hair.

2) lower the volume of your voice, and put more into the game. for a voice:game ratio, 50:50 to 40:60 is usually pretty good (I believe)

3) I love the overlay. 9/10, fantastic.. You could've picked a better font for the "Liquid Crystal Nuzlocke" text and the pokeballs could use some downscaling (to add space bwteen them and the game/bottom of the video), but to be frank, I really don't care :P

Other than that, not much I have to say. Remember that I only watched the first 1:17 of the video for various reasons.

Also, this should probably go in the G/S/C Discussion forum.

Hope I helped, ~wundr

EDIT: Also, why that certain picture of Misty on the thumbnail? Has it anything to do with the episode? If it doesn't, don't put it there. Unnecessary images in thumbnails can be more misleading than you'd think ;)

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