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I'm writing a server-driven mobile/facebook game I'm calling Gigaplox. It's themed after Pokemon, I wanted to give the experience of pokemon in a more online manner, inspired by games like Ragnarok Online and Final Fantasy (earlier generations).


I made this diamond shaped disc the logo, I'm trying to make it the "ball" of capture, but also a semi hybrid of almost like a triforce with a gem inside.


Writing it in 3d, you can navigate around using NavMesh in Unity, this is the "isometric overworld". I'm doing concept modeling which isn't my forte, since I'm a programmer.


Here's my real early prototype for battling. I wanted to make it spiced up a bit from pokemon, by being inspired by final fantasy's TBS, and centralize a 2v2 mechanic, opening up skills that can have combos much easier, but also not overwhelming management with 4+ creatures. It also allows me to design larger "Boss" entities for harder battles.

I'm going to use a lot of randomizers to design a "lottery-like" experience. Most items you trade, or gaining a creature, have a weighted chance pool that basically creates a % chance to get REALLY good items, or really bad ones, based on luck. This is handled on server, and encourages consumables that lesser forms can be your nagging "storyboard" incentives, as well as greater ones can be IAP. I really want to give that experience of clicking and MAYBE getting a super rare creature, or just another potion or tradeskill dud item. Screenshot shows DB weight and the old blue box mechanic from RO.

Oh, if you actually read all that and are interested in the idea, I made a gigaplox page here: https://www.facebook.com/gigaplox which has virtually nothing on it, but like it, I'll do updates if enough interest justifies the effort.

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