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Manual Wondercard AR Code conversion from Black to Black 2 help/brainstorming


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I recently stumbled onto a page with alot of wondercard AR Codes for Black/White and was wondering, would it be possible to manually convert the black ones to black 2?

Between the 2 games im pretty sure the wondercard format itself didnt change, so wouldnt I just need to edit a line or 2 to make the code apply to black 2?

This code requires you to press select in game, save, soft reset, then look in your card album. If there, press select after loading and the delivery guy will hand you the pokemon in game.

I have no computer access, so I rely on shared codes. It would be a huge step if I found out how to convert wondercard codes by hand :)

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Tonight I'll compare two different B1 wondercard codes from that site so I can isolate the data for the wondercard itself.

I have a B2 wondercard code that didnt work, so i'll compare the non-wondercard lines of the B1 code and the B2 code and see where the differences are.

Since the code I have for B2 didnt work to begin with, would someone be willing to paste any US B2 wondercard code that works? If not, ill mess with the codes and see what I can figure out :)

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