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Some Points About Super Smash Brothers You Need to Pay Attention.

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Following would be a few points that you need to keep an eye on,then you can enjoy your Super Smash Brothers without any trobles

1.You need to have the sd card with at least 1.5GB capacity available after you copy all the files;if not,it would cause a black screen.

2.It would cause black screen if you do not have the emunand 8.1 system.

3.Mt-card and 3DSlink could not have the emuNAND,then you could play Super Smash Brothers with these two card.But you can try supercard dstwo or others.

4.If you want to play the game with your friends or others by connecting the console,You can download patch 1.0 in Nintendo eshop.(You may download the share files by others ,but you need to change the file by end with 3dz)

5.Super Smash Brothers has same rule with MH4.After you play the games,the console would restore to v4.5 system.Pls keep this in mind.

6.It may stay in black screen for around ten to twenty seconds before it brings you begin the game.It is normal.

I would like to say that the first round games released by Nintendo,it would be only compatible with 8.x system.That means if you did not emunand 8.1 system,you could not play the relavent games.Better have an emunand 8.1 system for you.

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