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Stat Trainers!: Which is best?


Which stat trainer is your favourite?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which stat trainer is your favourite?

    • Cheryl [hp]
    • Riley [atk]
    • Buck [def]
    • Mira [spa]
    • Marley [spe]

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Mira is in Wayward cave. There's two entrances. The hidden one is where you get Gible. The other that is visible is where Mira is. Most people skip her out because that part is unnecessary and doesn't need to be completed... besides not much people go down under the cycling road.

No... Mira's losing. Most people chose Riley cause of the anime. Perhaps when the anime shows the other trainers, they might have a different opinion? o.0

that´s not true many people including myself love his outfit and his lucario

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