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pokemon bw2 elite four Caitlin

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What goals are you trying to accomplish? If you are trying to use MP3, that will be difficult as the music files are in a different format.

But if you want to, say replace Elite 4 with Champion battle music, then just follow what this link tells you to do:


You can also use Tinke to modify the SDAT file. Extract the SDAT, open it with Tinke, and move things around. Be weary that the files come in three parts and you need to replace all three parts if you plan on moving music around. Just be sure to check up on the names.

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You can do this:

1. Use NitroExplorer to extract the SDAT file

2. Open it with VMGTrans

3. Play the sounds until you find it

Since this is a battle music, then it should have VS_ followed by some words. It's romanized Japanese so it should start out withVS_SHI... something like that (if I remember correctly that is; If it isn't then your best bet would be to play all the VS_ music). Once you find ittake note of the names and all the other files that are associated with that specific track. Then find the piece you want to replace with. Use something like Tinke to replace music.

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