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Will IR - GTS be affected by the May 21, 2014 Nintendo Wi-fi Shutdown?


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Will IR-GTS be affected by May 21 Nintendo Wi-fi Shutdown? As far as I know, the DNS you input is local. IR-GTS operates locally between a personal computer and LAN (local area network). As this does not rely on external servers (as far as I know, correct me if necessary), I wish to know if even this will be affected by the shut down next week.

I understand (based on discussions here and other areas) that the shutdown affects "fake" servers since these external servers communicate with Nintendo's official servers. I am primarily concerned if the shut down will even affect local transfers between your handheld device and your personal computer. (I primarily use IR - GTS for storage and back - ups).

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Short answer: Yes.

After May 20th, you will need a ROM hack to access it, which kind of defeats the purpose since you can also save file edit if you have those tools.

I am seriously looking at a way around but it won't be ready in time for May 20.

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Mass exodus yesterday - I was trying to salvage what I could from my PC into my cartridges. I am quite disappointed to hear that even IR - GTS will be affected.

In any case, what I am hearing so far from your posts in the other thread sounds promising. If you are able to come up with a replacement GTS, I am sure many of us would gladly donate to keep server costs down.

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