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Help With PokeGen


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Okay... so I'm new so please don't hurt me :c

I downloaded the newest version of Pokegen and created my own pokemon (rather used a download from smogon).

I don't have an Action Replay so...

I watched two videos on how to get your pokemon into the game using PokeGTS by just going to the GTS in Black > Trade > GTS and it automatically dropping down once in the GTS room.

Now, I've copied the DNS (I've double-checked it multiple times) and I go into the GTS place, but it just takes me to the GTS menu on the bottom screen and no Pokemon drops down.

I have a full party of pokemon and Box 1 is full.

What am I not doing? :c

Hopefully this isn't a question already in the questions/answers thread, I read it twice to make sure but I'm dumb sometimes.

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