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any rom won't work on DeSMumE

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i have like 4 roms and niether of them works on desmume 0.9.6 or 0.9.8. it happend when i tried to fix the settings on pokemon platinum and now the upper screen is black and the downer screen is white and i can't open any roms on it what do i do?:confused: (ps the roms i have is pokemon platinum, yu gui oh spirit caller, yu gi oh world championship 2010 reverse of arcadia and legend of zelda spirit tracks)please help:S

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Something is wrong with your settings. I know Pokemon Platinum works for DeSmuME 0.9.6. I did a 10-hour speed run through it just a few days ago. It is a bit slow, but there are no problems like what you describe.

I've played the other three on DeSmuME as well.

What are your settings?

Under Emulation Settings, I have:

-Check these.

Use external BIOS images

Use external firmware image

Point the ARM9, ARM7, and Firmware image to your copies of those files.

Don't check Emulate SWIs with BIOS images. Some people say you need this for SoulSilver, and possibly others. All I noticed was that in SoulSilver, this one gave me a lot more lag and slower gameplay.

Under Config:

Display Method is set to HW (hardware)

Sound Settings should have:

Sound Core: Direct Sound Interface

(If you use NONE in Sound Settings, I know that screws up some of the games. I believe it did Platinum that way for me. It would load up to where Giratina is supposed to scream, but for some reason since he can't, it won't go any further.)

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