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help me decide my team (and give some feedback too please)

which of the below should i have on my team?  

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  1. 1. which of the below should i have on my team?

    • alakazam
    • audino
    • maractus
    • magmorter
    • dragonite
    • swampert
    • spiritomb
    • zapdos

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OK, after thinking long and hard, i have made a vgc style team for the manchester tournament

for those who dont know, 6 will be enterd into a team and i will use 4 of that selection each battle. the battle style is double battle

now the problem... after lining up 30 odd potential people, i have only gotten it down to 8 mons, and split them into 2 groups. 3 of them would give me a tacticle advantage, and 5 would just be strong battlers (bearing in mind there is usually some overlap, such as alakazm. he is in tactical for skill swap, but he is also a good psychic type)... so i would like help deciding which ones to choose. so i chose to do a poll

Tactical mons

1. Alakazam (psychic)

Ability: synchronise

Holding a Mental herb

Skill swap, recover, psychic, charge beam

Other notes: Skill swap can mix up abilities, such as giving magmorter water absorb, or stealing a foes abilities. Skill swaps are removed on switching. Also a strong psychic user and FAST

2. Audino (normal)

Ability: healer (may cure status in allies)

Holding a Chesto berry

Rest, heal pulse, attract, ice beam

Other notes: HEALER! Can take hits, heal itself (rest+chesto) and heal allies. Attract can causes lots of problems for male foes. Also, it is nicknamed fwend, after the inbetweeners joke. (tis funny)

3.Maractus (grass)

Ability: water absorb (heals when hit by water move)

Holding a Big root

Giga drain, toxic, energy ball, spikes (breed with cacturne for spikes)

Other notes: water absorb (VERY useful when linked with alakazam skill swap), and decent grass type. Also spikes and toxic set up, and giga drain to help heal (plus the slightly stronger enegy ball)

Offensive mons

4.Magmorter (fire)

Ability: flame body (contact burns)

Holding an air balloon

Fire blast, Protect, Psychic, thunderbolt

Other notes: can gain water absorb by skill swap. Air balloon can trick foes. Strong fire type, good sp attack

5.Dragonite (dragon/flying)

Ability: inner focus (prevents flinching)

Holding a yache berry

Outrage, Dragon dance, Earthquake, Dragon claw

Other notes: yache weakens ice moves, however, a 4X ice weakness. Good juggernaut (dragon dance)

6.Swampert (water/ground)

Ability: torrent (ups water moves in a pinch)

Holding an earth plate

Ice beam, Hydro pump, Surf, Earthquake

Other notes: bad ability. Ground type, is immune to thunder. Some foes forget this. Some full pitch attacks. should be noted that is anyone has water absorb, they will be healed by surf, while damaging the rest

7. spiritomb (ghost/dark)

Ability: pressure (doubles PP usage)

Holding an expert belt

Psychic, shadow ball, dark pulse, rock tomb

Other notes: no weakness, 3 immunities. High stats, other than speed. Is slow

8.Zapdos (electric/flying)

Ability: pressure (doubles PP usage)

Holding a charti berry

Drill peck, Heat wave, Thunder bolt, Fly

Other notes: strong thunder type. Flying. Fly, can dodge. fast. Heat wave will be a small surprise. Also, it is nicknamed word, because a-bird, bird, bird, bird is the word… that isn’t just funny, it’s awesome!

so... what do you all think? which 6 should be the team?

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