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Want a complete team before BW2, help! :D


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Hey guys!

In just one week BW2 will be released here in Japan and I plan on spending what's left of my pregnancy on playing that before I have to grow up or whatever ;D

Though, in order to move on I need to finish my business in BW and I still don't have a full team! It's embarrassing really but I just haven't found enough Pokemon that I find worth investing in. So I am open for suggestions. This is what I have:

Daikenki/Samurott (sp252/atk128/sp.atk128)





Zoroaaku/Zoroark (hp4/sp252/sp.atk252)


Thinking of Flamethrower



Bikutini/Victini (hp4/atk252/sp252)



Thinking of V-create


Not much I know. I need three more, preferably not too typical (as I already am very typical :P) something fun! It's nice to have a good team but it's also nice to get to know new Pokemon but at the same time a Pokemon that can cover up the others. I'm thinking I could enjoy having a grass and a electricity join the gain but don't know which one to choose.

Any thoughts? :D

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