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Where to find latias?


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well it took me forever the first time too. If you haven't seen it yet, it is impossible to track it. So what I would recommend is to just play your game normally and complete the other events (i.e. Capture all the other legendaries such as rayquaza, regice etc.) And eventually you will encounter it by acedent. It will flee the first turn you find it so if you don't have the master ball or mean look it will flee and you'll have to find it again but now you can track it with your pokedex. Open Latias' pokedex entre. It will be empty but if you look under "area" you can see what route it's at. BUT BEWARE! If you find it and accidently make it faint it will be gone FOREVER and there will be no way to catch it again except delete you profile and start all over again. The other way you can get it's entre instantly in your pokedex is to mix records with a pokemon trainer that has a latias in there party. That way, when you find their secret base (I recemenned asking where their base is while mixing records). Then when you go to their secret base you can battle that computerized trainer and since they'll use latas it will be registard as "seen" in your pokedex. One other thing, if you still want to hunt latias, here is a tip, It will only ever be an routes that are connected on both sides. Which means it will never go down a route that leads to dead end and it can also roam on oncean routes so keep that in mind. Well, sorry this was so long because I have a habit to ramble on and on, on these forums but I hope this information helps

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that's depende what room are you playing :

if you're playing sphire it's too easy after seintg him on the TV ! go to Tall Grass / start searching & it will be the 1st time that you encounter Latias

but if you're playing Ruby : You need a Card Event : Eon ticket Then go to slateport city take the ship to ( Souther island ) ther you going to encounter Latias next to a Rock


i think i help you =)

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