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Does my OU B/W team need help? pls RMT

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Ok first of all my team went 22-3 on the first 25 battles but i want to know if there are any viable changes i can make to make it better.Here we go:


Heatran.png@Focus Sash

Naive[252 SpA /4 HP /252 Spe]

Ability:Flash Fire

-Fire Blast

-Stealth Rocks

-Earth Power


This is my Lead.the reason i chose him as i lead is because i needed a fire Pokemon that i can switch in an out to while absorbing fire attacks and setting out rocks.


Bold[248 HP /252 Def /8 SpD]

Ability:Water Absorb





I needed a defensive Pokemon that can absorb water moves,cripple physical attackers with Scald,and poison Pokemon while recovering itself and teammates so i chose Vaporeon.first i wanted to get a Jellicent but it cannot pass wishes so i chose Vaporeon instead.

Venusaur.png@Black Sludge

Calm[192 HP /252 Def /52 SpD /12 Spe]


-Leech Seed

-Hp Fire


-Energy Ball

Venusaur is my grass type with sweet 348 HP/265 Def/273 SpDef that can take aimed hits at heatran and aimed hits at vaporeon while getting rid of Toxic Spikes on the Floor.I was thinking about getting Celebi instead but i dont like the fact that a Scizors Pursuit and U-Turn is hits it very hard.Venusaur is defensive enough to take Ferrothorn,Scizor,Foretress,Magnezone,and other steel types hits whiles hitting them with Hp Fire


Bold[252 HP /252 Def /4 SpD]

Ability:Natural Cure

-Seismic Toss




Not really much to say....It takes special attacks while crippling with toxic and passing wishes!

scizor.png@Choice Band

Adamant[248 HP/252 Atk /8 SpD]


-Bullet Punch




This is my physical attacker that also counters phychic or ghost types with pursuit!it counters snorlax and blissey as an bonus!




-Shadow Ball



-Focus Blast

Gengar performs major roles on this team.It takes fighting moves aimed at Blissey,Rapid Spins,Disables attacks from Pokemon,and substitute up on switches while being a special attacker.it sends away toxic spikes and takes ground moves as a extra.

Well,Thats it.PLS reply back.there probably are several adjustments i may need like Electivire counters(Wink)

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I'm really not sure if two attackers is enough. Once those two are down, it's not gonna be easy to stall out an offensive team. But nevermind that since that team is working quite well for you.

If you're looking for a suicide lead, you're probably going to be better off with Azelf:


Azelf @ Focus Sash

Trait: Levitate

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SAtk / 252 Spd

Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)

- Stealth Rock

- U-turn

- Fire Blast

- Explosion

I know you would like to have Heatran to take in fire moves, but it is very redundant if you are going to use a suicide lead set for it. If it's going to be sacrificed, you can't use it to absorb the fire type attacks you predict. You can still easily take fire attacks with Vaporeon and even Blissey (considering you predict a special attack). The only other disadvantage with Azelf is that it is much more predictable. After putting up SR, if you know your opponent's pokemon can learn Protect, go for U-turn, and then Explosion, make that suicide a worthy one. Or, if you predict that your opponent will switch to a steel type to resist the explosion, use Fire Blast. Azelf is a much more versatile suicide lead compared to Heatran.

And lastly, can I also point out that after one Dragon Dance, Dragonite can sweep your entire team once Scizor is down. In that case, I suggest you replace Vaporeon's Toxic with Ice Beam.

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