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Pokémon Expert Emerald


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Hack created by Suicune™

327.png Features

The 386 ~ Obviously since this is a "386 hack" by some names, you will be able to capture and register each individual Pokémon through some method, whether it's via capturing, events or evolutions all Pokémon are obtainable!

Difficulty ~ Since this is a hack is intended to be challenging, the whole difficulty dynamic has been increased with a steep level curve throughout the game.

All boss battles including Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Rivals and so forth have been edited to be much more of a threat, using a strong AI coupled with tactical movesets these battles are much more of a challenge which will require you to train your Pokémon and stock up on items! The same applies to all other regular trainers throughout the game who will use specific items which will go against your favor!

Roserade ~ Although this may not merit a section to be dedicated too, it's worth pointing out that Shuckle has been replaced by Roserade. This means that Roserade is included in the game with the stats, moves and other characteristics from Diamond & Pearl!

Sprites ~ Those old Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald sprites are far outdated by the current standard in Black and White, which is why I have individually replaced almost every existing sprite in-game with the more modern and fresh sprites that are found in the later games. This gives the game a less dated feel and makes the gameplay a little more enjoyable! You can find a couple of images below as examples of these sprite substitutions.

Evolutionary Changes ~ As usual I have change several evolutionary methods which make it much easier for to evolve specific Pokémon that were inaccessible. Some methods such as happiness have been replaced with a simple level evolution or an evolution that is triggered by using a specific elemental stone. You can find all the details on this in the Document compiled with the download!

Abilities ~ Some Pokémon have had their Abilities tweaked or completely changed, the decisions have been based on both feedback and personal opinions. So you can now have a Magneton that will have Levitate as it's ability! Again, these changes can be found with the Documents.

Attack Power & Type Changes ~ There have been a number of attacks that have been changed in terms of Power, PP and/or Accuracy, this applies mainly to those attacks with poor power or accuracy, for example GrassWhistle which originally had an Accuracy of 55 now has an Accuracy of 100.

There have also been several type changes to specific Pokémon that I feel would benefit their stats or attacks, for example Charizard is now Fire/Dragon and can learn several Dragon type moves.

Event Pokémon ~ Those one-off Pokémon including Starters, Legendaries etc have all been implemented as events scattered around Hoenn. You can battle and capture all of these but be careful, you only get once chance! You can refer to the documents for details on their locations.

Miscellaneous Changes ~ There have also been changes to Genders, Movesets, Stats and more, these changes can all be found within the various Documents.

357.png Media

Check out some snapshots from the game!



262.png Hints & Tips

On Route 117, Triathlete Maria is re-matchable and will use a Blissey which can provide a tremendous amount of experience when training in preparation for a Gym battle! You can also battle Wild Chansey, Wigglytuff and Clefable on Route 115 who give plenty of Experience Points.

Once you've obtained your Fishing Rod from the Fisherman in Dewford Town, try using it on the surrounding earlier Routes and Cities, it will provide you with some useful Water Pokemon early in game rather than waiting to obtain Surf! You can find the locations via the Document too.

You can obtain all Six Elemental Stones (Leaf, Water, Thunder, Fire, Sun & Moon) At Lavaridge City!

Once You've defeated The Elite Four and the Champion, when you make your way to The Battle Frontier make sure you check out some of the houses. In one of the houses that is East of the Pokémon Centre you will be able to Unofficially rematch the Elite Four Members.

369.png Download

Patch & Documents Beta 1.3

Edited by Saturn
Beta 1.3 Release
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